"Topper & Tickles" events are no longer being scheduled.  Click on the photo for more information.
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Rev. Kevin Topham is a dynamic teacher, preacher, and writer.  He teaches God's people how to have the faith and action to live blessed and healed.
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Each day, there is a new Verse of the Day, Daily Wisdom, Daily Quote, and a free Bible Search engine.  There is also a daily Bible reading schedule to take you through the Bible in one year, and a daily Bible Story.
FREE games to play with nothing to download.   Kids AND grownups will find some fun, challenging, and "kid safe" games to play.  THIRTY-SIX games to choose from!  See if you can break the high score!
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Kevin Topham
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Links to Websites for Creation Evidence, Archeological discoveries, "Kid Friendly" sites, Clown/Puppet and Drama Scripts, Puppet & Illusion suppliers, and more.
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Proverbs 17:22 says that   "A merry heart does good like a medicine..."     Choose to see some truly funny Christian comedy clips that are certain to make you chuckle, or choose to see some inspiring Christian music videos that will bring praise to our Father.
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