"Topper the Clown" and "Tickles" have officially hung up the noses and wigs! 
We wish to thank God for the opportunity that He gave us to do such an unique and entertaining ministry.   Over the 7 years that we appeared as "Topper & Tickles," we ministered in over 200 different events including church crusades, camp meetings, youth camps, school programs, and television programs. We had the pleasure of leading over 1,100 souls to Christ in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Ohio, and Illinois.
"Thank You" to all the churches that opened their doors to us and treated us so kindly. 
"Thank You" to all the individuals who generously donated the finances that kept us going for seven years. 
"Thank You" to all the children who asked if they could squeek my nose.  Each squeeze made my heart smile.
"Thank You" to our Prayer Partners that held us up in prayer.  We still need you.

We look forward to the next phase of ministry that God leads us into . . . .
Topper & Tickles