Awesome God
    On March 22nd, 2005, our RV that we traveled in to do ministry was located in Screven, GA awaiting some needed repairs.  A tornadoe ripped through the small town leaving mass destruction in its wake.  Although our RV was sitting out in the open in the direct path, God spared it from any major structural damage.  Other campers and RVs in the area were tossed about like toys, and homes were destroyed on all four sides where our RV was parked.  Huge trees were uprooted and landed on either side and in front of our RV while crushing neighboring vehicles, but they caused no damage to our RV.  The high winds caused some minor tears on the seam of our rubber roof (that was already dry rotted), and it detached the awning from the passenger side (that was also dry rotted and needed replacement).  Although all other large vehicles in the area were blown over and tossed, our RV was held down to the ground by a cable from the phone poles that the fallen trees on either side of the RV cinched down over the railing on top of the roof.  Psalms 91 says that the Lord will protect us from the destruction that lays waste at noon, and that ten thousand shall fall at our left and our right.  Apparently that includes destruction from tornadoes and trees falling on both sides! 
     He is an AWESOME GOD!
ALL of the other campers and RVs in the area were flipped over
House to the right of our RV was totally destroyed
House 75 feet behind our RV was leveled
Our RV surrounded by fallen trees
Huge tree uprooted and fallen directly in front of our RV
One branch just touching the hood
Van crushed by tree just 5 feet from RV
This is the cable that the trees had cinched down over the top of the roof which kept our RV from rolling over.
Our only damage: awning detached and some flaps blown into our rubber roof.  No damage to the body...not even a broken window!  (The rubber roof and awning was already dry rotted and needed replacing, but we didn't have the funds at the time...)
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    Now the rest of the story...we had to put the RV into another camper dealership to install a new awning and patch the seam on the rubber roof.  The owner of the dealership told us that we really needed to put a whole new rubber roof on top because the old one was dry rotting and peeling.  While doing the roof, they went ahead and put all brand new decking on the entire top.  They put on a new awning and also did some other needed repairs that we didn't even ask them to do.  In the end, they did over $8000.00 in repairs and upgrades to our RV, but did not charge a penny for any of it!  In fact, the dealership gave us a $500.00 donation when we picked up the RV.  God is truly an AWESOME GOD.   He really can take the weapon that was meant for your destruction and turn it for your GOOD.